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Signature Update

Over time signatures change for many different reasons. It is important that you maintain an updated signature on file with your Supervisor of Elections. Signatures in your voter registration record are used to verify a voter’s identity on initiative petitions, candidate petitions, vote by mail ballots and provisional ballots. A signature difference may result in your petition or ballot not being counted.  

Some individuals may not be able to sign their signature any longer, and if this is the case, an identifying mark may be used. This identifying mark is then considered a signature. If you feel you may fall into this category, please contact your elections office for directions on updating your signature using an identifying mark.

A Power of Attorney cannot be accepted in place of the voter’s signature or mark for any reason when submitting election related forms or casting a ballot.

To update your signature or identifying mark, you must submit a Florida Voter Registration Application. You may visit,, to update your information. This link will use the signature from your Florida issued driver’s license or Florida issued ID. You may also download and print a Florida Voter Registration Application (DE-DS 39) and return it by mail or in person to your Supervisor of Elections Office.

Please note: For the signature update to be used for signature comparison in canvassing a vote by mail ballot or provisional ballot, the signature update must be received before the voter’s ballot is received in the Supervisor of Elections Office.


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